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  • Finishing the development of your mobile app is just the beginning. A lot of businesses think that getting their app submitted to the major app marketplaces and making an announcement to their customers will be enough to get the ball rolling, but that’s far from the truth. The truth behind most successful mobile apps is that there was a ton of Mobile App Marketing muscle that helped get it to that stage.
  • This is where the help of a mobile app marketing service comes in. RetailzApp is a progressive mobile app marketing network that helps you increase the popularity of your app through the use of various strategies from running incentivized download offers to developing push notification campaigns to reach your users and increase engagement.

Services to Make your App

  • Help identify what competitors are doing to attract users so that you can use their strategies while also taking advantage of their weaknesses and capitalizing on their missed opportunities.
  • Conduct in depth market, category, and industry research. You’ll get a clear understanding of where your app stands in the marketplace and industry while also identifying the best opportunities for your app.
  • Build a brand around your app. We help you develop a powerful visual brand as well as a brand built around the unique functions of your app. The idea is to stand out from similar competing apps and
  • Implement user segmenting and audience profiling. We can help you discover your best customers and learn how to better serve them by using your data to build accurate profiles of your audience.
  • Build pre and post launch marketing strategies. You’ll be given the tools to build hype before release, connect with your audience, entice users with exclusive content, and collect feedback from your customers to build a positive reputation.
  • Create a user onboarding strategy to get new users quickly acclimated to your app which leads them to becoming long term users.
  • Help implement both local and social marketing to maximize the visibility of your app across multiple marketing channels.
  • Utilize various marketing strategies from QR Codes, Push notification messaging, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Help optimize your app listings in the app marketplace to improve visibility, attain higher rankings, and increase downloads.

Why RetailzApp?

Experienced Developers

Our highly-skilled team of developers can work to deliver your application on a variety of platforms. They are trained to make use of the latest tools and software programs to ensure that your app appeals to a wide audience.


Communication is essential to a successful and positive working relationship. We understand how frustrating it can be to not effectively get your point across or feel that your voice is not heard. Here at RetailzApp

Competitive Pricing

It is also our promise to you. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality

Brand Strategy

Our team is well-equipped with the necessary tools and technologies needed to deliver a competitive mobile application on any platform.

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